How you can Get rid of Yogurt Unsightly stains about the Carpeting

Yogurt is really a extremely popular dairy products item that lots of people eat every day. It really is great for the body because it consists of lots of minerals and vitamins in addition to assisting enhance the system’s digestive function. It may be loved in several various tastes although it may also be accustomed to put together a few treat quality recipes too.

Yogurt is actually delicious that makes it even more attractive to everybody. However when you’re consuming yogurt you need to make sure that you tend to be cautious as it can certainly produce a significant clutter if it’s leaking unintentionally.

Among the most detrimental locations where one can drip yogurt is actually in your stunning carpeting. The reason being the actual drip may cause an extremely unpleasant spot that may be difficult to get rid of. If you do not consider the steps needed, you can help to make your own carpeting discolored as well as unsightly that is something which absolutely no home owner want. That will help you cleanup the actual yogurt unsightly stains in your carpeting, I’ve ready a good manual that you could adhere to.

1. Draw out just as much from the leaking yogurt about the carpeting by utilizing the tea spoon as well as getting rid of this in to a clear dish. Ensure that you tend to be additional cautious whenever doing this because occasionally you are able to unintentionally distribute the actual drip even more.

two. Have a 100 % cotton golf ball after which douse this along with a few isopropyl massaging alcoholic beverages. After that, make use of the 100 % cotton golf ball as well as gradually pat the actual impacted region utilizing it. This particular won’t assist get rid of much more from the yogurt in the carpeting however it will likewise help with producing the actual spot simpler to get rid of.

3. Blend the teaspoon associated with obvious ammonia having a mug associated with tepid to warm water to make an extremely helpful cleansing answer for that spot. Ammonia is actually efficient with regards to cleansing as well as being a disinfectant tiles as well as floors it is ideal for getting rid of undesirable unsightly stains in your carpeting.

four. Utilize several falls from the ammonia-based cleansing answer on to the actual discolored part of the carpeting after which await around three min’s in order to allow answer focus on the actual spot. After that, make use of a thoroughly clean whitened fabric or perhaps a document hand towel in order to gradually mark the actual impacted region.

5. Replicate the prior action till all the spot is actually eliminated. The actual yogurt spot can often be persistent and that’s why you need to keep working at it as well as replicate the actual action till all the spot is actually eliminated.

6. Put the cup associated with thoroughly clean drinking water about the part of the carpeting in which the spot was previously. After that, dried out the whole region utilizing a thoroughly clean cloth or even hand towel. This can assist in preventing any kind of cleansing answer deposits through obtaining left out about the carpeting materials.

Plasma Arc Blades — Tend to be These people Befitting A person,

Experts such as fabricators, designers, upkeep staff, companies as well as novice enthusiasts as well are actually nearly solely while using plasma arc used vinyl cutter devices as opposed to the old design mechanised reducing products. Plasma devices reduce quicker with higher accuracy plus they are transportable, the industry large reason they’re utilized much more broadly compared to old kinds of reducing devices.

These types of devices tend to be simple to run, however deciding on the best 1 for that work among the actual mixture of device style as well as dimensions and also the various add-ons which opt for all of them could be challenging. Right here all of us let you know the actual elements that you ought to bear in mind in order to pick the best 1 to use.

Reducing Pace of the Plasma Arc Blades

Generally, automatic techniques need quicker plasma reducing devices, while portable devices may just reduce because quick since the owner is ready. The actual producers provide reducing pace graphs, along with which you’ll evaluate the actual pace from the devices. The caliber of the actual steel reduce ought to be evaluated utilizing 3 elements — high quality reduce, server reduce and also the ranked reduce.

Amperage as well as Energy

Such as welding devices, the plasma arc cutter’s dimension would depend about the amps as well as voltage from the device. The actual voltage decides the ability from the device as well as in contrast to welding devices reducing demands greater voltages compared to much less amp.

Atmosphere as well as Electrical power

Plasma arc blades possess a variety of energy inside that they can works. Before you decide to select your own, you need to observe the ability that’s available inside your course or even house exactly where you need to utilize it and obtain the plasma device that may function for the reason that variety.

With regard to regular procedures, you should use the standard compacted atmosphere because reducing gasoline. However it is suggested that you simply make use of Nitrogen with regard to reducing metal which is additionally suggested with regard to cellular programs.

Permit Dish Acknowledgement along with Video security cameras


All of us obtain numerous phone calls to the company through individuals thinking about recording permit dish amounts on the protection digital camera program. Whilst Permit Dish Acknowledgement (LPR) is actually achievable along with the current video security cameras, it is definitely not in the degree the thing is upon TELEVISION. An average TELEVISION criminal offense display will begin away having a digital camera chance which includes a whole road, then your owner may absolutely no in one permit dish about the road as well as move within, hone the actual look at just a little as well as voila… the actual permit dish is actually obvious because day time. The truth is, the protection digital camera that’s setup for any broad position road look at won’t catch the actual fine detail essential to study just one permit dish about the road. To work, the digital camera must be setup particularly to see permit dishes. As well as being that they are reflective in america, it’s particularly difficult through the night in order to catch a great picture. You’ll need unique functions within the digital camera to take care of this problem.

Remember that establishing the actual digital camera with regard to permit dish acknowledgement will allow it to be much less helpful for ‘normal’ day-to-day monitoring. Generally, you’ll have 1 wide-angle digital camera with regard to regular monitoring an additional digital camera particularly zoomed into catch the actual permit dish.

Exactly what Protection Digital camera to make use of

You will find affordable video security cameras available on the market that may perform LPR however, you need to ensure you receive the next functions: high res (600 outlines or even better), infrared along with flexible LEDs, adjustable range move as well as concentrate, as well as a good Upon Display Show (OSD) menus which enables you to change the actual publicity, obtain manage, whitened stability along with other functions. Additional unique image resolution functions you will need tend to be Broad Powerful Variety (WDR), Electronic Sound Decrease (DNR), as well as Wise IR. Be sure you buy a digital camera created for outside make use of. In the event that vandalism is really a issue, search for vandal-resistant real estate as well as cable television administration mounting brackets making it harder for that cabling to become reduce. Additionally, locate a digital camera by having an “installer movie out” link which allows you connect inside a check keep track of in the set up website (more about this below).

Placement the actual Digital camera

Digital cameras tend to be best once the automobiles tend to be limited to feed a particular place: for instance, the visitors street via a safeguard entrance. For those who have several street associated with visitors which automobiles undergo, you might need a individual digital camera set up for every street. The actual digital camera position can’t be more than forty five levels. With regard to greatest outcomes, attempt to attach the actual digital camera to become because directly upon along with permit dish as you possibly can.

Modifying the actual Digital camera Functions

Here are directions concerning the numerous digital camera functions as well as how you can change all of them with regard to efficient LPR. Help to make the first changes through the night. After you have all of them modified to operate successfully through the night, after that you will want to evaluation that they carry out from beginning as well as sunset (times associated with gentle change), and perhaps help to make additional changes.

While using Check Keep track of

Those who have set up video security cameras prior to knows the trouble associated with standing on the step ladder as well as needing to yell for their assistant to provide suggestions since the digital camera configurations tend to be modified. All of us recommend investing in a check keep track of to create this method simpler. Make certain your own digital camera comes with an “installer movie out” link that will permit the protection digital camera check keep track of to become blocked correct into the the surface of the digital camera. This particular will help you to begin to see the OSD menus along with the impact associated with modifying the actual configurations immediately and never have to yell for your assistant or even obtain lower from the step ladder.

Protection Digital camera Set-Up Particulars

Arranged the actual Move as well as Concentrate:

All of us mentioned previously that you ought to buy a varifocal digital camera. The first thing ought to be environment the actual focal range (zoom) so the back from the automobile has been taken within the look at. All of us suggest that the actual look at end up being broad sufficient in order to catch the trunk from the automobile (this may help determine the actual help to make, design, as well as colour from the vehicle) however thin sufficient to obtain a great picture from the permit dish. After that change the actual concentrate to find the best picture from which range. This really is 1 environment that’s better to help to make within the day time at first (as in opposition to the next configurations that mainly change with regard to night time viewing).

Environment the actual Infrared LEDs:

With respect to the range in the digital camera towards the permit dish, you may want to change or even switch off a few of the infrared LEDs. Particularly through the night, higher driven Internal revenue service might be as well effective with regard to smaller variety LPR.

Digital Shutter:

The actual Digital Shutter (ES) or even publicity must be the smaller worth compared to with regard to standard programs. Begin with 1/250 as well as change through presently there. You don’t would like this particular worth arranged in order to “Auto”.

Car Obtain Manage:

Car Obtain Manage (AGC) changes the actual lighting degree of the actual picture to maintain this in a constant degree. This particular environment ought to generally end up being Away or even Reduced.

Whitened Stability:

Whitened Stability (WB) assists to find the colours inside your picture because precise as you possibly can. Arranged this particular function upon.

Broad Powerful Variety:

Broad Powerful Variety (WDR) makes up with regard to various gentle ideals within the picture. This particular function more often than not enhances the actual picture therefore depart this upon.

Electronic Sound Decrease:

Electronic Sound Decrease (DNR) or even three dimensional DNR decreases good static or even ‘snow’ within the picture. Depart this particular function upon.

Wise IR:

Much like Broad Powerful Variety, this particular environment will stability the actual whitened gentle shown in the infrared LEDs. This particular function is essential… make certain Wise IR is actually Upon.

Covering Points Upward

Recording the understandable permit dish quantity could be a problem for the digital camera program. However using the correct digital camera as well as correct set up it’s attainable.

Important Tips about Carpeting Upkeep

Carpets and rugs have to be cleaned out frequently to make certain that these people stay aesthetically satisfying and also to extend their own support existence. Badly taken care of carpets and rugs collect grime as well as things that trigger allergies which will make sure they are hazardous with regard to your family. Rug cleaning includes numerous duties. Here are a few of these.


Whenever talking about carpeting maintenance, cleaning is usually the very first thing which jumps in to thoughts. The actual accumulation associated with grime, resolution, as well as fine sand may wreck carpeting materials, therefore through cleaning often, you are able to lengthen living of the carpeting. Carpets and rugs need to be vacuumed every week or even more frequently if it’s within places which encounter higher visitors. Regarding the actual second option, you need to use overlapping crisscross cerebral vascular accidents whenever vacuum cleaner cleansing. With regard to luxurious floor coverings, just one move might not be sufficient, rather, you need to move every area many times.

Cleansing splatters as well as unsightly stains

Should you drip some thing in your carpets, thoroughly clean this instantly while there is a much better likelihood of this becoming removed totally in so doing. Get rid of just as much from the drip as you can prior to utilizing any kind of cleansing answer. A few cleansing options aren’t the very best complement towards the materials utilized in your own carpeting, and may as a result trigger harm or even staining whenever employed. Check the answer by making use of this about the portion of your own carpeting that isn’t easily apparent. Whenever using cleansing options, function in the advantage from the spot heading inwards therefore you won’t unintentionally distribute the actual spot to wash places.

Heavy cleansing

Heavy cleansing is actually period as well as work rigorous as well as demands unique options as well as gear you will possibly not possess, so it’s generally easier to allow specialists manage the task. In case your carpeting seems sticky, really messy, or even grungy despite a person attemptedto thoroughly clean this, you need to obtain expert carpet cleaning. For those who have asthma as well as allergic reaction victims in your own home, regular rug cleaning carried out through professionals will be very useful, too.

Numerous businesses may declare that they provide the very best rug cleaning within San Jose. The simplest way to locate great types would be to request recommendations through friends and family. The local customer safety company, network planks, as well as cost assessment websites may also provide you with helpful info. Safe estimates through three to five businesses to get the best bargain. Pick a organization that’s associated with the industry organization as well as that’s been running a business for several years, otherwise years.

Conserve By having an House Power Review

That requires a house power review, The power effectiveness of the house when it comes to cooling and heating could be decided by having an power review as well as recommendations may then be produced in order to save upon electrical power. Preserving power as well as cash through quantifying the actual structures energy overall performance may be the objective. The created statement in line with the alignment for the sunlight, environment problems as well as thermostat configurations might be component the actual review.

A power review may explain the actual places in which the the majority of power is actually squandered as well as being conscious of it’ll allow you to utilize a few dimensions about the advised places. This particular could save you the problem associated with padding the entire creating. For example insulation your own geyser by having an padding quilt bought in the nearby equipment shop may by itself create a massive difference for the reason that neighborhood.

Extreme power reduction accurate the actual roof could be acquired by having an power review. Placing your personal padding within about the roof isn’t because difficult as it might seem as well as it will likely be an extremely satisfying DO-IT-YOURSELF task. Additionally, you will have the ability to get it done for any significantly less than the service provider may ask you for.

The environment leakages within the eye-port closes as well as doorways tend to be an additional region to help to make an impact. Repairing which upward isn’t hard however it can help you save lots of power as well as profit warming up a home within winter season.

Actually trees and shrubs obstructing from the sunlight within winter season may possess a damaging effect on your own heating system needs and through establishing the actual backyard much better it’s possible to conserve power.

An easy DO-IT-YOURSELF task may repair seeping warmth with the ground by having an padding task that is an additional really common issue region. Insulation wood flooring through repairing polystyrene padding beneath the ground may help your house be a great deal hotter also it could save you power as well as cash.

If you choose to perform a power review any kind of licensed auditor may be used to the actual review for you personally however the majority of auditors will also be sales agents in your home enhancement business therefore maintain which in your mind prior to purchasing do it yourself. The house power review can be achieved like a DO-IT-YOURSELF task by using a simple to follow along with instructions.

After you have the actual review statement, just a few DO-IT-YOURSELF tasks are essential to create a distinction as well as conserve large. Do something as well as put in support a power house review and some DO-IT-YOURSELF tasks, you will not end up being i’m sorry.

Rug cleaning Manual: Eliminating Apple company Liquid Unsightly stains

Getting excellent care from the carpeting is actually 1 job that each home owner is continually concerned about. The reason being the carpeting may become filthy because of the numerous cleansing difficulties that it’s subjected to every day. Splatters, unsightly stains, as well as places tend to be are just some of the issues which carpeting proprietors suffer from.

Splatters can be quite challenging since it find yourself leading to the spot producing the actual carpeting unsightly as well as unappealing. Additionally, it occurs frequently because accidents within the house are extremely typical. A good example of the cleansing issue that lots of individuals experience is actually getting apple company liquid unsightly stains about the carpeting.

Apple company liquid is among the most widely used types of fruit juices eaten through individuals worldwide. It really is delicious which is wholesome for the entire body as well that makes it a very great consume to savor. However in the event that this will get leaking about the carpeting then you definitely have been in with regard to trouble. If you do not understand how to cleanup apple company liquid unsightly stains in your carpeting, adhere to the easy actions beneath.

1. Soak up just as much from the leaking apple company liquid about the carpeting using a thoroughly clean cloth or sponge or perhaps a thoroughly clean document hand towel. Do that instantly to prevent getting the liquid leak to the much deeper servings from the carpeting which may be help to make the actual spot much more hard to get rid of.

two. Following, obtain a 100 % cotton golf ball as well as utilize a few isopropyl massaging onto it. After that, utilize it in order to pat the actual impacted part of the carpeting. This can assist raise a few of the spot in addition to avoid the spot through environment instantly.

3. After, create a cleansing answer utilizing home products that’ll be useful within getting rid of the actual spot. You can test combining the teaspoon associated with obvious ammonia having a mug associated with tepid to warm water because this can create an effective soap which will break up the actual spot.

four. Make use of a few of the cleansing answer you earn on to the actual discolored part of the carpeting. After that, get the thoroughly clean whitened fabric and start blotting the actual impacted region frequently. While you begin blotting, you will observe how the spot has become lighter in weight since it will get moved on to the top of fabric. Carry on carrying this out till all the spot is actually eliminated.

5. Make use of a cup associated with thoroughly clean drinking water in order to get rid of away any kind of deposits that may be leftover about the carpeting. After that, dried out every thing having a wet/dry vac to complete from the job.

Utilizing CNC Plasma Reducing Furniture

The actual CNC plasma reducing desk can be used to set up as well as run plasma reducing devices that are after that managed through software program. Becoming set in a single location, it’s particular benefits within the typical portable or even transportable plasma reducing device:

It’s almost always set up along with things, that supply the plasma used vinyl cutter along with really precise movement in a path.
This enables precise as well as exact reducing from the steel.
The actual plasma used vinyl cutter furniture could be modified with regard to elevation.
They offer probably the most advantage whenever employed for repeated duties.

Building from the CNC Reducing Desk

The typical small company CNC plasma used vinyl cutter desk includes a reducing section of dimension 4ft by 4ft. It may reduce linens how big 4ft by 8ft or even 4ft by 10ft as well as steel pictures as much as 20 ft lengthy

This generally demands 3 ampere present to operate. This weighs in at close to three hundred lbs, and it has measurements around sixty four in . broad by sixty in . heavy by ninety in . higher. It provides lots of accuracy within reducing steel linens in a number of methods.

The actual Samson CNC used vinyl cutter desk may reduce linens associated with 10 foot by 5 foot in dimensions and something in . heavy. It may use increases in order to 1000 in . each minute.

The actual Manage Program

The maker from the plasma reducing furniture will give the program to operate the machine as well. The program will help you to manage the machine completely. Utilizing it you’ll have abilities within reducing associated with steel that could happen to be not possible or else. What this means is much more company.

Plasma reducing furniture could be set up to do repeated duties with the encoding from the software program. You should use the actual reducing desk in order to reduce inside a specific method after which conserve the actual procedure with regard to later on make use of. Later on, you are able to refill the actual procedure as well as and never have to perform the actual settings once again, simply recycle the actual old 1. This particular leads to effort and time cost savings, whilst nevertheless generating higher accuracy outcomes.

Enhanced efficiency as well as decreased expenses associated with manufacturing by using plasma reducing furniture can lead to much more earnings.

Identifying the advantages of Utilizing a Dependable Hidden Digital camera

Certainly, the traveler or even hidden digital camera resembles numerous camcorders concealed in the eye strategically inside a particular part of the home or even creating. These days, the actual needs including these types of choices still improve simply because many people depart their own locations throughout day time.

It’s not no more than checking the children when utilizing these types of traveler digital cameras. Numerous owners who wish to keep track of the actual unruly actions of the domestic pets make use of these types of concealed digital cameras additionally. They would like to observe their own domestic pets act once they depart their own homes to create a few changes and steer clear of any kind of damage or even hassle correctly. Definitely, you should assure that the pet won’t wreck your own sofas or even additional essential things indoors. Because of this , the reason why the traveler digital camera helps you figure out feasible suggestions upon steps to make certain the actual security from the domestic pets as well as useful possessions too.

Numerous business people similarly make the most of utilizing hidden digital cameras such as the Sony hidden traveler digital camera in order to safe the actual property of the companies. These days, you might not determine the actual opportunist therefore a trusted traveler digital camera helps with checking the whole tend to be with regard to feasible thieves. Keep in mind additionally which sensible thefts understand how to avoid traveler digital cameras. Consequently, you should permit a specialist specialist to create the actual digital cameras without having anybody watching besides your self. Dependable concealed digital cameras additionally produce misunderstandings in order to these types of opportunists as well as might not be in a position to conceal their own wrongdoings when the analysis begins.

Additionally, the majority of the federal government structures right now tend to be benefiting from these types of concealed digital cameras as well. Simply because a number of them tend to be going to these types of locations every day, it’s important to possess exact checking to ensure which absolutely no harmful situations may skip the actual movie from the digital camera. Concealed digital cameras assist in finishing your own programs without having allowing anyone find the areas from the digital cameras, especially people who plan to make a move incorrect within the office space of those federal government structures. Given that traveler digital cameras tend to be undiscovered checking products, those who are attempting to grab points within the structures do not know all of them and could apprehend all of them very easily due to supplying dependable proof towards all of them.

Individuals who uncover dubious dangers happening within the company or even home office space have to think about trading for top traveler or even 3G hidden traveler digital camera choices available on the market. This specific helpful gadget will offer demanding particulars to be able to arrange for the next phase when you determine the actual thievery or even opportunist. In addition, traveler or even concealed digital cameras tend to be simple to set up as well as use within various places of the home or even company location. They’re one of the most dependable products to get to assist within solving unknown situations throughout the house, institutions as well as about the roads.

Here is How you can Encounter High-Quality Sound

Probably the most considerations whenever hearing songs is actually ensuring this seems great. Along with the majority of the songs nowadays for sale on the internet like a obtain, sound high quality offers began to endure. It’s very uncommon that you could buy as well as obtain complete compact disc high quality sound in one website. Actually, many people most likely do not actually recognize there’s a distinction. This short article may contact how an excellent group of earphones can help you obtain the the majority of from low-quality sound, and can quickly clarify upon ways to start producing high-quality sound which will whack your own ear aside!

Lots of people within this point in time purchase in to marketing–especially with regards to sound. Generally, these people wind up having to pay some money to obtain earphones (or actually speakers) which seem completely horrible. Many of the large manufacturers available perform methods about the inexperienced hearing to create the actual sound high quality seem a lot better than it truly is methods becoming growing the low finish (bass) from the sound how the loudspeaker or even headphone creates. Businesses do that to provide songs the a lot “fuller” seem. The truth is, this particular has a tendency to cover up that which you tend to be hearing. The actual higher levels of reduced finish hide a variety of seems, or even whole devices, which are a part of the documenting. This particular leads to the actual sound to become dull as well as garbled collectively. Occasionally, before very long, actually what tend to be difficult to choose of the preferred tune.

The only method to prevent this really is to possess a stability associated with seems over the whole rate of recurrence range. What this means is high-end, middle-end, as well as low-end frequencies have to function synergistically to create obvious seems. From the highly-marketed, popular earphones obtainable, Beast Is better than Earphones Through Dre, tend to be a few of the very first which remain accurate for their term. Whilst hearing reduce high quality audio songs, the actual songs is actually obvious as well as simple to hear. The larger the actual sound high quality, the bigger the actual distinction you will observe. You’ll encounter seems as well as sounds you’ve in no way noticed inside your songs!

After you have your own very first great set of earphones to assist reduce with the poor audio documents, the next thing is to construct the high-quality sound collection. Among the very first, as well as simplest, points that can be done is actually increase your own transfer high quality within iTunes. Something to notice is actually which while you enhance the high quality, while there is much more electronic info becoming saved, how big the actual sound document will end up bigger. This is exactly why It’s my job to suggest somebody brand new stay with 320kbps audio sound. It’s much more from the sound high quality features of the compact disc, however is really a a lot small document.

House Solar energy Program — Ways to Make use of Solar power In order to Switch on Your lifetime

House solar energy techniques will probably be essential in several families. The reason being PHOTO VOLTAIC technologies is actually enhancing, therefore producing solar power panels less expensive.

House solar energy techniques aren’t simply limited in order to electrical power manufacturing. Solar power may be used to warm up drinking water as well as atmosphere. The actual structures as well as interior planning of your house may also take advantage of sunshine with regard to optimum power preservation. Potentially, house contractors can give much more thing to consider for this element within their style later on.

There are lots of methods for you to put into action a house solar energy program.

Very first, you are able to use a photo voltaic hot water heater to soak up warmth power in the sunlight. This assists a person decrease heating system expenses substantially. Actually, amongst all of the kinds of solar power program, this particular should be thought about very first, simply because photo voltaic heating units possess higher efficiencies, tend to be simple to set up and therefore are fairly less expensive. Therefore you can observe fast, instant advantages having a photo voltaic heating unit.

2nd, you might want to provide all of your reduced energy usage products along with photo voltaic electrical power. A few of these consist of storage lighting, backyard lighting, digital bug repellents, entrance openers as well as drinking water sprinklers.

Or even you may also begin with the small house solar energy program to provide your house workplace along with electrical power. Home appliances such as reading through lights, computer systems, little ink jet printers as well as enthusiasts tend not to occupy lots of power.

Lastly, you could have the full-scale solar solar panel variety in order to switch on your whole home. What this means is solar power may right now cause capacity to generate your own washer, clothes dryer, lighting, tv, etc. The least expensive method to put into action this technique would be to connect this towards the grid.

In this manner, you won’t require standard rechargeable electric batteries, that are very costly. In addition, these types of electric batteries can’t final constantly. Therefore they have to end up being changed as time passes (usually 10-15 many years, based on the way you make use of it) which expenses more income.

However if you wish to reside near to character inside a vacation cabin concealed among fairly deciduous trees and shrubs, you’re additionally free of charge to do this along with off-grid techniques. Obviously, because talked about, you need to spend a bit more with this independence.

Many people find it hard to set up solar power panels on the home because of the in advance expenses. Exactly what they are able to perform would be to have a mortgage, that will purchase by itself using the cost savings through month-to-month power expenses. Or even they are able to very first obtain as numerous PHOTO VOLTAIC sections because their own savings permit. Proper they’ve sufficient cost savings, they are able to size in the program to supply their own whole house along with photo voltaic electrical power.

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